Monday, December 24, 2007

Shapes of Diamond

Round :- This is by far the most popular diamond shape and also the most optically brilliant, because of its 360-degree symmetry. The 'ideal' round brilliant cut was calculated by gem enthusiast and mathematician Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919, to reflect and scatter the maximum amount of light. The round silhouette works with almost every mounting, from classic solitaires to the most avant-garde designs.

Oval :- This cut makes the most use of the sparkle of a round-brilliant cut, and combines this with an elongated outline which is particularly flattering on the hand. The oval cut diamond is based upon the traditional configuration of the round brilliant diamond and that's why its technical name is oval modified brilliant diamond.

Princess : - This has become particularly popular over the last few years - developed in 1970, the Princess is now second only to the round in popularity. The Princess Cut Diamond is a brilliant style shape with sharp, uncut corners. This is the perfect choice for a combination between a square or rectangular outline with the brilliance of a round cut.

Emerald :-This is considered among the most classic of diamond shapes. It is always cut with blocked corners, usually to a rectangular outline, although some are cut to be more square.

Because of its simpler faceting, larger inclusions tend to be more visible to the naked eye, so diamonds cut in this shape need to be of a higher clarity. Diamond 'purists' love the emerald cut for its simplicity.

Radiant :-The Radiant Cut Diamond is a straight-edged rectangular or square stone with cut corners. Radiant diamonds show resemblance to emerald cut diamonds with respect to shape.

The radiant cut diamond has 62-70 facets. Radiant are principally used for important center stones primarily for rings but also for pendant. They are rarely used for earrings or as side stones because they are hard to calibrate and match.

Pear :- The Pear Shaped Brilliant is a combination of a Round brilliant and a Marquise cut. Pendants looks very nice set with a Pear shape as do earrings, due to the "Teardrop" shape.
The pear shaped brilliant diamond is based upon the traditional configuration of the round brilliant diamond. More than other fancy shapes, length-to-width ratio is a matter of taste when it comes to pear shaped diamonds.

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