Monday, December 24, 2007

Diamond Carat

A Carat is a unit of weight for diamonds and other gems. The metric carat of .200 grams, or 200 milligrams was adopted in the United States in 1913 and now standardized in the principle countries of the world.

If other factors are equal, the more a stone weighs, the more valuable it will be. Gemological laboratories measure carat weight when the diamond is loose (unmounted). While it is possible to estimate the weight of a mounted diamond, the lab uses ultrasensitive scales to achieve an exact weight, measured 3 decimal places, although the third decimal place is not usually mentioned at the retail level.

Here are several ways to express 1 carat:

1 ct.
200 milligrams
1/5 gram
100 points
4 grainer (not often used in retail environment)

The weight of a diamond is numerically expressed in carats

Diamond weight is subdivided further into smaller units commonly referred to as points. A point(s) is a scale of weight that is equal to .01 carat. A one carat diamond is made up of 100 points. The term point(s) does not refer to the amount of facets or individual flat surfaces a diamond possesses as its definition is sometimes incorrectly interpreted.

How Carat weight Affects Value

Larger diamonds are more rare and in more demand than smaller diamonds of the same quality, so they can be sold for a higher price. A one carat diamond solitaire ring is nearly always more expensive than a diamond ring made up of multiple diamonds that are similar, but smaller, even though they total one carat or more. Carat size describes the weight of a diamond. 1 carat is equivalent to 200 milligrams. A carat is then divided into 100 points. Therefore, a 50 point diamond weights 100 milligrams.

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