Sunday, December 23, 2007

The 5Cs and things to know about Diamonds

The 5Cs and things to know about Diamonds


Diamond is the hardest known natural material and the third-hardest known material after aggregated diamond nanorods and ultrahigh frequency. Its hardness and high dispersion of light make it useful for industrial applications and jewelry.

Cut :- Cut really is the craftsmanship applied in cutting the facets od Diamonds. Cut of a Diamond refflects light and responsible for the gem's brillance, sparkle, beauty and value. The Cut of a Diamond refers not only to the quality of the cut, but also to the shape of the diamond and the number of its facets. A well cut diamond regardless of its shape, sparkles, has more fire and offers the greatest brilliance and called "Brilliant Cut".

Color :- Color is the natural body-color visible in a diamond and is the one C deatermined completely by nature, not man. As,rule, the closer a diamond is to colorless, the more valuable and beauti ful it is, the diamond color grading scale uses the letters of the alphabet, beginning at "D" (colorless) and going to Z.

Clarity :- Clarity is an indication of a diamond's purity. Experts grade a diamond's clarity on the number, size, type and location of inclusions and blemishes. A diamond with greater clarity will have greater brilliance and value.

Carat :- A diamond's size is measured in carat weight means carat is a unit of measurement for diamond. Diamond prices tend to rise exponentially with carat weigh. Each carat is equal to 200 Milligrams and divided in 100 Cents.

Cost :- the one of the most significant part of today's 4 C's Diamond world is cost. If someone is unable to get the diamond at best price it is worthless to buy. This cost factor makes the 5th C about the Diamond.

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